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Chapter 1  

Now her philosophy—the virtue
of selfishness
—helps readers
chart a path to true love.

"There is no other book on the market
[that I know of] that can compete with
the ideas presented here to help
you achieve a successful romantic life."

"..reading it I couldn't help but look back
on my past relationships and think 'I wish
I had this book then.'"

The Selfish Path to Romance:
How to Love with Passion and Reason

Co-authored by Drs.

Edwin A. Locke
and Ellen Kenner
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ISBN: 978-0-9824117-5-9
Inside The Book
The Premise         About Ayn Rand          Excerpt          Table of Contents
  Table of Contents    
  Part I: The Basics  
  Part II: Making Yourself Lovable
  Part III: Finding Your Soul Mate
  Part IV: Making Your Romantic Relationship Thrive
  Part V: Enjoying Sex
  Part VI: Resolving Conflict
  Appendix: How to Part Ways and Start Over
Part I: The Basics
        Chapter 1: What Is Romantic Love?
     The Visibility Principle
Chapter 2: Altruism and Narcissism:
     Two Approaches to Love That Do Not Work
     The “Magical” Affinity of Altruists and Narcissists
Chapter 3: True Romantic Love Is Egoistic
Chapter 4: Understanding Love top
      Part II: Making Yourself Lovable  
        Chapter 5: Building Moral Character
      Core Virtues (read an excerpt now)
      The Immorality of Threatening or Initiating Physical Force Against Others
Chapter 6: Developing Genuine Self-Esteem
      Faked Self-Esteem and Defensive Maneuvers
      Temporary Blows to Self-Esteem—and Recovery
      Learn to Understand Yourself Through Introspection
Chapter 7: Values, Appearance, and Communication
        Become a Passionate Valuer
      Care About Your Appearance
      Learn How to Communicate top
      Part III: Finding Your Soul Mate  
        Chapter 8: Achieving Harmony Between Reason and Emotion
Chapter 9: Choosing the Right Partner I
      Selecting Your Partner
      Sense of Life
      Interests and Tastes
Chapter 10: Choosing the Right Partner II
      Attitude Toward Money
      Appearance, Fitness and Health
      Leisure and Lifestyle
      Deal-breakers and Trade-offs
Chapter 11: Choosing the Right Partner III
      Judging Others: Words versus Actions
      Look at Your Love Trajectory
      How Do You Know If Your Partner Is “The Right One”
      What If the Partner You Want Doesn’t Want You
      How to Search for Potential Partners top
      Part IV: Making Your Romantic Relationship Thrive  
        Chapter 12: How to Cherish Your Partner I
      Show That You Value Your Partner
      Work to Understand Your Partner
      Encourage Your Partner to Pursue His or Her Values
Chapter 13: How to Cherish Your Partner II
      Communicate Constantly
Chapter 14: How to Cherish Your Partner III
      Show Concern for Your Partner’s Welfare
      Show Generosity
      Make Decisions Together
      Respect Your Partner’s Need for Private Time
Chapter 15: Creating a Positive Emotional Climate
      Build a Positive Mood
      Take Joy in Each Other’s Achievements
      Grow Together
      Show Playfulness and Humor
      Help Protect One Another Against Stress
Chapter 16: Love Destroyers and How to Fix Them
      Correct Bad Manners and Bad Habits
      Replace Anger with Positives
      Replace Repression with the Ability to Feel and Express Emotions
      Replace White Lies with the Truth
      Don’t Let Relatives or Children Undermine Your Relationship
      Don’t Let Money Issues Undermine Love top
      Part V: Enjoying Sex  
        Chapter 17: Understanding What Sex Is and Why It’s Good
Chapter 18: Creating Intimacy and Mood
      Emotional Intimacy
Chapter 19: Technique, Afterplay and Feedback
      Afterplay and Feedback
Chapter 20: Prioritizing Sex and Overcoming Subverters of Sexual Pleasure
      Prioritizing Sex
      Overcoming Subverters of Sexual Pleasure
          Too Much “Other” Focus
          Children top
      Part VI: Resolving Conflict  
        Chapter 21: Causes of Conflict I
      Why Some Conflict is Inevitable in All Relationships
      How Differences Between Partners Cause Conflict
      Making Reasonable Differences into Moral Issues
      Expectations of “Mind Reading”
Chapter 22: Causes of Conflict II
      Violations of the Trader Relationship
      Insufficient Time Together
      Gender Differences
Chapter 23: Communication Methods That Do Not Work
      Attacks Using “You” Language
      Global Language
      Faking “Niceness”
Chapter 24: Communication Methods That Work
      Nip Escalating Tensions in the Bud
      Healthy Assertiveness
      How to Actively Listen to Your Partner
Chapter 25: Compromise and Dealing with Your Partner’s Resistance
      When Should You Compromise and How
      Do You Do So Fairly
      Dealing with Your Partner’s Resistance top
      Appendix: How to Part Ways and Start Over If You Cease Being Soul Mates  
        1. Identifying Reasons You’re Considering a Divorce
2. Identifying Barriers Keeping You in an Unsatisfactory Relationship
3. Making the Final Decision: Tying All the Relevant Evidence Together
4. Breaking the News to Your Partner
5. Setting up an Atmosphere of Respect—Even When There are Disagreements
6. Helping Your Children Through the Divorce
7. Going Public with Family and Friends
8. Making an Action Plan for Your Divorce
9. Learning to Live Independently and Taking New Steps Toward Romantic Happiness top
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