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Now her philosophy—the virtue
of selfishness
—helps readers
chart a path to true love.

"There is no other book on the market
[that I know of] that can compete with
the ideas presented here to help
you achieve a successful romantic life."

"..reading it I couldn't help but look back
on my past relationships and think 'I wish
I had this book then.'"

The Selfish Path to Romance:
How to Love with Passion and Reason

Co-authored by Drs.

Edwin A. Locke
and Ellen Kenner
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About this book
Too much of what most of us have learned about how to find and sustain love is misguided and ends in heartbreak. Lasting passionate romance is not the result of luck, chemistry, trial and error, or fleeting emotions. Rather, a successful romance can be yours when you are guided by rational principles, identify the causes of your emotions, and proactively and constantly work on nurturing your relationship. This is explored in depth in The Selfish Path to Romance. (more)  

About the Authors
Dr. Ellen Kenner (ask her a question now)   Dr. Edwin A. Locke
Ellen Kenner, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Rhode Island and host of the nationally-syndicated radio talk show, “The Rational . . . (more)   Edwin A. Locke, PhD, is an internationally known and widely published scholar in the field of industrial organizational psychology, with fifteen years of clinical experience . . . (more)

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In the video to the left Ellen Kenner and Edwin Locke, the co-authors of The Selfish Path to Romance: How to Love with Passion and Reason, discuss the concept behind the book, which is inspired by the writings and philosophy of Ayn Rand.


The portrait of Ayn Rand is reproduced
with the permission of the artist, Robert Tracy,
who created the original oils-on-board work in 1999.
  © 2011 Dr. Edwin A. Locke  and Dr. Ellen Kenner  
  All Rights Reserved